Q&A With Qifan (Suki) Xu | From Nanjing, China to Anderson, Indiana

383701_233556743382947_329309298_nQifan (Suki) Xu is a Residential MBA student coming from Nanjing, China. She is one of three international students in the RMBA program and we sat down to learn a little more about her.

What’s it like growing up in China?

Nanjing, China is one of the largest cities in China so I grew up in a very big city. So when I came to Indiana every thing was quite different. It’s a very agriculture state.

 What university did you attend while in China?

I went to Nanjing University and it is one of the best in China with about 15,000 students. I majored in English, but it wasn’t my first choice. I chose to learn accounting because I like to work with numbers. In China things are quite different. Just like the SAT we take a college entrance exam and I didn’t get a high enough score so I chose to study English.

How did you find out about the AU MBA Program?

My mother and her mother (Cecilia Chen, MBA ‘11) are friends in China so when I decided to go to the United States for my Master’s degree I knew she was here and her mother gave her number to me. So we chatted online and made some phone calls before I came here. She helped me a lot because she went through this program and was the first international student.

What’s the hardest part about English in the United States and the biggest difference in culture that you have observed so far?

Slang and people talk really fast. One thing that impressed me a lot, American people are very friendly to strangers. Even though I don’t know them very well they can be very friendly. In Asian culture, people are very shy in nature. It’s hard for me to be very social and I didn’t have that kind of experience. I’m trying to change myself. I’m very happy about this because people are very nice to me and they like to talk with me.

Outside of school, what do you enjoy?

I like reading. The Harry Potter series is my favorite. I also like books that offer advice to better myself and I love country music.

Also, being at Anderson University it has given me a better chance to know God. I go to a Chinese community church in Carmel. When I feel very frustrated or stressed out I just read the Bible and some verses. It makes me feel peaceful.

 You work for the Madison County Chamber of Commerce, what’s that like?

I love that job every single day. My job as a marketing intern, I get to work with a database every day updating and maintaining contacts, research, media contact, content creation, customer follow-up, and event planning.

 What do you plan on doing after you graduate?

I have two plans. One plan is to find a job over here in America, but I know the job market isn’t so good. The other plan is to try to get a doctorate degree in statistics or accounting because I like to work with numbers. I am quite interested in statistics too. I just want to learn something I truly love.


The AU MBA program is a traditional MBA program designed for the working professional. Classes meet in the evening and mostly one night each week. Most students complete the program in less than 23 months. The MBA program is offered on the Anderson campus and in several locations in the Indianapolis area. The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) nationally accredits the Anderson University MBA program, and Anderson University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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